When you undergo the process of bankruptcy, you will have to attend a meeting with your creditors in order for them to know your desire to file for bankruptcy. However, there are many who ask about the consequences of not attending the said meeting.

The Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors, also known as the 341 meeting, requires the debtor’s attendance. The meeting of creditors is not a court hearing. Instead, it is run by your bankruptcy trustee and usually held in a meeting room. Since the bankruptcy trustees have a busy schedule, 341 hearings are hardly rescheduled unless there is a valid reason to do so.

There are only a few reasons which the bankruptcy trustees considered as a valid reason to reschedule your meeting to another date. They may also suggest that you attend the meeting telephonically or through the phone on the same date. Some of the reasons which may give you the consideration to not be there during the meeting or have it rescheduled are as follows:

* medical or family emergency

* serious medical condition

* incarceration

* active military service, or

* other compelling reasons

If you can’t attend a 341 hearing, you should notify the trustee immediately. If your reason is valid, the trustee will inform you if you will have it rescheduled or they will allow you to be in the meeting telephonically. If it is considered to be a reason which does not need rescheduling, it will depend on the trustee whether or not your bankruptcy will be dismissed. The reason for dismissal is because of the requirement of the debtor to be during the said meeting.

Usually, those who miss the 341 hearing have reasons such as work or travel schedule. These are not considered as valid reasons and will not result in the rescheduling of the creditor meeting. But under these circumstances, the bankruptcy trustee usually allows the meeting to be moved to a different date.

It is always best to inform the bankruptcy trustee if you can’t attend the 341 meeting. This will give them time to figure out when it would be best to reschedule the date of your hearing with the creditors. In case it is not possible to reschedule the meeting, you can simply just change your schedule to be able to attend it and to keep you from getting your bankruptcy dismissed.


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